Stocking The Bar For A Wedding Reception

Stocking The Bar For A Wedding Reception


The beach wedding reception will eat up a lot of the wedding budget, a great deal of the cost will be stocking the Bar. The information you have stored in the free wedding planner apps for iPad and android will be useful for calculating the approximate amounts of beer, wine and liquor.

There is a simple way to calculate the expense for each item. You take the number of drinkers times the number of cans, bottles, glasses or ounces that you plan per person. To find the cause for they 60 beer drinkers for 12 ounce bottles you would have to first decide how many bottles each person will drink if you're averaging four bottles per person, and you know there are 24 bottles per case, then divide 24 x 4 to get how many servings per case. What you know how many servings per case. There are you can determine how many cases you will need to supply your guests. This same formula will work for why and liquor.

While the idea of having an open bar is appealing, it could easily cost more than you are willing to spend. Most wedding planning professionals suggest that you go with a ratio that has a mix of one third beer, one third wine, and one third liquor. Toasting is a big part of a wedding reception and for that you will want a sparkling wine like champagne. Plan on serving one bottle per eight guests. For 100 people you should plan to go through about 30-40 beers per hour, 8-10 bottles of wine and 2-3 750ml bottles of liquor. This is per 100 drinking adults. If you have 500 adults then you can do the math.

If your budget is extremely tight, buy the sparkling wine for toasting in a large enough quantity so that everyone can make the toast. Then stock the bar with 2 white liquors, 2 brown liquors, a cheap wine and a keg of beer. It is perfectly acceptable to serve a low to mid grade beer, and middle of the road wines and liquors. A box of wine is the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine. The trick to serving a boxed wine is that your guest should never see the box. Decanters work fine for this purpose or have the wined served as a passed cocktail.

Have mixers on hand like orange juice, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, rose's lime juice, sweet and sour mix, grenadine and cola and 7up. Have on hand daiquiri mix, margarita mix, tonic water and seltzer. When buying the liquor well liquor will do just fine, especially for cocktails and mixed drinks. Most people who are hung up on a certain drink most often cannot tell the difference when presented with the drink out of the bottle. If uncle Tony only drinks gray goose don't get hung up on getting a special bottle just for him. When presented with a shot of Seagram's he will hardly turn it down.

Do not waste time and energy micromanaging your wedding reception to cater to a specific person. Besides the reception is about them celebrating you not the other way around. Once you have found your beverage amount you can enter that information into the budget calculator on the free wedding planner app for iPad and android that you downloaded from the wedding iwedplanner website.

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