Attending Wedding And Bridal Parties And Maintaining Your Diet

Attending Wedding And Bridal Parties And Maintaining Your Diet


May 03, 2013 | Posted by: abi s

Most brides want to lose pound or two before their big day, but it seems like the and higher journey from engagement to wedding is designed to sabotage your dieting efforts. There will be parties and showers all thrown in your honor and at these events, there will be food and most of it, unhealthy. Below are a few tips to help you maintain your diet, while still attending parties and enjoying the fun.

One of the greatest pieces of advice ever to be given was to never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Doing so you are more at to put things in your basket that the you never intended to buy. You will tend to purchase items based on site alone. This is the same advice for going to your pre-wedding parties and showers. Never go to one of these events was out eating first. It is much is needed to say no to pizza and other malicious creations when you're not starving.

Soda, juices, fruity cocktails and even shots of alcohol will have calories. These things are packed with sugar. If you must drink sip on a wine spritzer or better yet a sparkling water. Even though a lot of beers claim to be light beers they may have more calories than your body needs during this time.

While it is entirely possible to eat and talk at the same time, it is not polite to do so. The more people you talk to during an event the last you will eat. Take small portions of food and your low-calorie wine spritzer and make the circuit of the room to socialize with people and have fun. Take small sips and even smaller bites so that it doesn't look odd.

You can still eat the cake just eat a little piece of it and make sure it doesn't go over your caloric budget for that day. Even if you do go over it is not the end of the world. make up for it the following day with extra exercise and less calories.

Your friends and relatives will mean well when they plan these events, but they're not the ones on a diet. Don't blame them for ordering a pizza or were the Pasta or any other of the scrumptious foods to be served at your party, take control of yourself and your diet by eliminating temptation and you can have fun with everyone else. Find more tips for surviving the wedding party season was out destroying your diet on the wedding website. While you're on the website download the free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and android to help plan not only your wedding but your own share parties.

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