How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations and free iPhone wedding app

How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations and free iPhone wedding app


May 08, 2013 | Posted by: abi s

When we hear homemade we think cheap looking and shabby, unless it is food. While it is great if you can afford a custom designed invitation or get one of those beautifully designed wedding invitations from an engraver's album, not every budget can handle the expense. While it is less time consuming it is not always feasible many brides are left looking for affordable wedding invitations. Cheap wedding invitations do not have to look-cheap.

With that in mind here are a few tips to help you achieve that professional look at home.

  1. You can order great wedding designs really cheap online or find ones that are free to use.

  2. Purchase 110lb all cotton card stock to print the wedding invitations and RSVP cards on. If you buy the paper you can have it cut to size at your local Kinko's or equivalent. Order and cut enough paper, always allow for a bit of mess up.

  3. Use adobe illustrator to create your wedding invitation, it is not as hard to figure out and you will have access to many options that will let you create a magnificent design.

    Another great way to make snazzy wedding invitations is to use a high-end clip art program. You can find ones that include vintage icons and Victorian type flourishes that are sure to please the most discerning eye.

    When wording your cheap wedding invitation use two fonts. Most use a script and block, your Microsoft word program has an assortment of fonts or you can purchase them really cheap online.

    Only print the pieces that you really need. The Invitation, response card and reception card are the key pieces. You will need at least 25 extras in each size. (hey mistakes happen).

    For a really high-end look buy paper in a complementary color then layer the invitations on top of it. Use a good tape gun to give it a really high end look or a glue gun.

    Wrap each set with a pretty ribbon sans a bow since it will only get crushed. The suite should flow, invitation on top, response card and finally the reception card.

  1. Search online or at a local stationery store for matching envelopes and you are all set.

  2. A good idea of what it would take to make your own wedding invitation you may be saying to yourself, what are my other options. Use the website to find wedding invitation vendors online. Search online for designs that you like and then use the free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad. And android to locate vendors in your area. You can call or visit these vendors to see if they carry something similar to what you found online.

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