Important Things You Will Need To Do After The Wedding and free wedding app

Important Things You Will Need To Do After The Wedding and free wedding app


Apr 25, 2013 | Posted by: abi s

You have taken advantage of all of the fabulous tools that came with the wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and android. The wedding was beautiful and there were no major disasters. You are now ready to begin your new life as Mrs. X. Although the ceremony is over you cannot officially use the new name until you take care a number of specifics. These are things that you need to do in order for you to be recognized by your new name by the government as well as on your job.

Many places require that you declare the new name when you apply for the marriage license. This means they want you to have already decided on how you wish to be addressed. That is whether you will keep your maiden name, use a hyphenated version of yours and his or just take his last name. There are still places that you can submit this information after the wedding but it still should be a part of the wedding planning proces s. This is one of the discussions you and the groom will have to make a decision on together.

In order to legally change all of your documentation you will need an official copy of your Marriage certificate. This is your first order of business unit. In that certificate. The next thing you will need to turn it is to get your name change on your Social Security card, get a new driver's license and passport. With the changes in many states as it pertains to documentation needed to receive a driver's license, you may still have a few problems. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to find out their procedures for name change. You may also want to will go further registration of your change in status and name as well.

You also need to change your bank account, and order new checks. How you will manage you separate them come to is a discussion that should have already taken place much before the actual wedding. You also have to learn all of your credit card companies, and this includes those that are from retail stores. Any IRAs mortgages, money market accounts, lease is stocks all of these things will have to be quick and to your new name. It is a good idea to get your annual credit report after you've closed all your accounts and changed all your information. This way you can see whether or not anyone is use your identity open up accounts in your maiden name.

When you return to work, you should go to the HR office to change your name on all of your paperwork. Many new wives also change their email addresses and if this is something that you choose to do, you will need to alert all your contacts of this change. Update your name with your insurance company, car insurance records, utilities, and cable company and of course your cell phone. You will also need to alert any associations organization your church or gym of your new name. So much to do so little time. And this is only just the beginning.

The first few months of married life will be both blissful and hectic. Visit the website . Even after the ceremony to find more information about setting up your new household and the things you will need to do is a new wife/husband to make your new home runs smoothly. The tools that you received when you downloaded the free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and android can serve a very practical use during this time. Check out articles on the website and find out how to use these apps to plan more than just your wedding.

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