Planning The First Dance For Your Wedding Reception and free wedding iPad app

Planning The First Dance For Your Wedding Reception and free wedding iPad app


Apr 26, 2013 | Posted by: abi s

Did you ever wonder about the tradition of the first dance at weddings ? The tradition D8 not actually start with weddings, but the formal balls that were given by the aristocracy in France, Britain and Russia. The village of the first dance was generally given to the guest of honor, which and those times was the person in attendance that had the highest social position. This would mean from the head of the household unless members of the royal family were in attendance or their emissary.

Another occurrence of a first dance scenario, but when a young lady of social standing was first introduced to society and a gathering. T he old aristocracy held really fancy balls doing a certain time of the year, and when a young lady of a prominent family was old enough to attend her first ball, this was referred to as her "coming out season." While most commoners did not have such fancy balls they did, how ever used the occasion of a marriage to copy the ball format of the aristocrats. In America, these traditions came along with the emigrants.

The first dance of a newlywed couple servers the same purpose as the first dance and aristocratic ball. The guest of honor opens up the floor for dancing to their invited guests. The tradition involved from there to include a father/daughter dance, which mimics the idea of the father giving away the bride and the altar. The difference here is when the father gives away the bride at the altar. He's giving away his daughter to become a wife at the reception. The father reaffirms this position in his daughter's life as the second best man in her life. The newlywed couple starts the dance and somewhere during the middle of the dance the bride is handed to her father.

Now that you understand the strong symbolism of this tradition, finding the right song to convey this message becomes all the more important. Use the free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and android to help you in your quest. These apps link you directly to the website where you can search for inspiration and ideas. In the past. This dance was, by tradition, a waltz, but who waltzes these days. If you would like to continue that tradition, we suggest that you seek out a dance teacher and take lessons so that the dance goes smoothly. You can find many wedding dance vendors using the tools that come with the wedding planner mobile apps .

Today, many couples are taking their entire wedding party for dance classes to choreograph a special dance created just for their wedding. Visit the website for more information about planning your wedding reception from A-Z. While you're there, sign up for your free wedding website as well and download the free iPhone, iPad and android apps for wedding planning.

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