What Not To Wear To A Wedding and free wedding planning app

What Not To Wear To A Wedding and free wedding planning app


The new bride has her work that out for planning her wedding. And now you have received one of her precious invitations. Panic sets in. Unless you are person and go to a lot of swanky events, you probably do not have anything your closet that is suitable for black-tie affair. It is a more casual world in which we live than we ever have lived in before.

One of the biggest, "No-No's", for a wedding is wearing black, not so much for the men, since tuxedos sport coats and suits are standard and will quite elegant and them. As for the women most black dresses will bring to mind an event that no bride wants to think about on her wedding day. For many cultures, black is the color of mourning. There are of course exceptions to every rule, and if you can find something sleek and classy in black, then by all means, wear it. Cocktail dresses designe d for formal occasions, with a little bling on them, are perfectly acceptable.

Although cocktail dress is perfectly acceptable. Never go to a wedding wearing a skimpy ensemble. This is her big day come in a dress that draws the focus from the bride is in very bad taste. This is one surefire way to destroy any relationship you had with the bride.

Unless the invitations specifically say it's a Blue Jeans and Tea shirt affair, don't do it! Even then it would be better to wear button-down shirt and a pair of khakis. Whether the wedding is on the beach, in a backyard with a barbecue for the wedding reception blue jeans are just way too casual. Another much too casual item is the flip-flop. No they are not even acceptable if you only plan to change out of your heels after the ceremony. Sandals, loafers or other flats that look at least a little dressy are more appropriate.

Unless the wedding is a black-tie affair(meaning everyone is requested to where a tuxedo and bow-tie), then the only man in the room that should be wearing a tux is the groom. It is just as bad inform to upstage your groom as it is for the females to upstage the bride. He may never say anything to you about it. But you are sure to hear it from just about everyone else in attendance how ill mannered, it was of view to where that outfit to someone else's wedding.

Finally, ladies that live off the heavy makeup you going to wedding not a nightclub. By the same token, do not wear and tiara. While these two may sound a bit ridiculous. You would be surprised at what attention seeking people will do. This is one of the things that is very disrespectful to the bride and also make the person wearing it looked a bit ridiculous. Just to be clear, this calls for decorated headbands, crowns, or any other type of head wear, that could be misconstrued trued as something a bride might wear.

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