Wedding Ceremony Ideas And Something That Is All Yours and free wedding app

Wedding Ceremony Ideas And Something That Is All Yours and free wedding app


Apr 30, 2013 | Posted by: abi s

Wine box - doesn't everyone, Unity candle - so overworked

Looking for some way to make your ceremony stand out can be a very hard task. This will especially be true if you are trying to honor traditionalist parents as well as doing something timeless and romantic. If you are not one of those people who see marriage as a contract with options, then you will want your wedding ceremony to reflect the sacredness of the occasion.

When creating a unique wedding ceremony you may also want to write your own wedding vows. This is fine, however, there is a clause that is required to be a part of these vows in order for the marriage to be legal.

As long as something to this effect is included in the vows and they are said in front of an officiant and witnesses you will be legally married in most states. In the months leading up to the wedding day it is not hard to lose the spirituality and forget about what prompted you to want to get married. Setting aside the time to sit down with your intended and write wedding vows will bring the two of you closer and fan the flames of love and devotion.

Although there are set formats for the procession of events at a wedding, do not be afraid to shake it up a bit. It is your wedding as long as you get the legalities out of the way the rest of the ceremony is completely optional. Why not do something a bit different for a first dance. Instead of a waltz or other type of slow dance, wow everyone with a Pasodoble (Spanish double step). Taking dancing lessons from a wedding dance instructor in secret and springing the surprise on your guests at the reception. You can find wedding reception dance instructors on the website. There will also be plenty of articles and blog posts about original concept weddings. Keep track of the details using the wedding planner website and the free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and android provided by

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