How Wedding Vendors Benefit From Advertising On Wedding Websites

How Wedding Vendors Benefit From Advertising On Wedding Websites


Apr 23, 2013 | Posted by: abi s

This article is not for the big corporations, we are looking for the small wedding vendor who spends more than 5% of their gross sales on advertising with little to no return. This is a very small advertising for budget in the grand scheme of the things and it will only go so far. Taking advantage of the free advertising that is offered to you on the iwedplanner website can make your smart advertising budget do the job of the much larger one.

To have your own website on line cost from around $500 up to $2000. Then there is also the monthly fee for hosting services. this is generally between $5 and $20 depending on the web hosting company and plan. If you want to drive traffic to your website, you will need a blog and if you are not a writer, you will have to hire online marketers. For small business these costs can be more than they can afford. Then you will have to pay for SSL certification and this is another $5.00 a month. Every new feature you add to the website will incur added expenses.

How is a small wedding vendor to afford all of this? The truth is most cannot. That is why taking advantage of the free wedding advertising on iwedplanner can be a way to jump start you online visibility without breaking the bank. We also offer paid advertising packages that are a lot less expensive than trying to do it all yourself.

The benefit to you is more them monetary, 95% of the traffic on will be actual brides and grooms and other members of the wedding party. By utilizing our successful combination of high link popularity a long with high Internet traffic ranking you will be getting noticed by thousands more people that if you went it alone.

As an advertiser on a wedding vendor will have testimonials from their clients. Posted so that other perspective brides here from real people about your wonderful services. By writing for our wedding blog and answer questions on the wedding forum you can set yourself up as an expert in your area of expertise. What this does for you is to endear you to the visitors on the website and they eventually see you as a trusted source of information and a friend.

We have visitors and from all over the world, visitors to our website will always find the name of your wedding vendor business listed in the same state and category every time they log on. We offer you a high functionality website experience. At the same time, saving you valuable dollars to reinvest in your business. Find out more about signing up with and get started building your wedding vendor business today.

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