“I know the plans I have for you. Let's go.” Who would have thought 2020 would be the year of massive change & transformation? A year of reflection & uncomfortable internal work. A year to get back to what really matters. We all want our lives to mean something. We all want our contributions in life, to mean something. But for us to move forward, we can’t bring our baggage with us. My dear friend Lizbeth @rawfinery always reminded me that for good change to happen, we need to be close to our higher purpose. Lizbeth creates with her hands. She’s constantly working with natural elements in her jewelry & florals. And because of that, she’s inspired by the connection she feels with nature. Its cycle & harmony. She also has the gift of seeing the unbroken, refining it and making it beautiful again. But like most people, she wasn’t aware of her gift. She had to face her own brokenness. And it was not until then that she was able to see her purpose. “One day, after my 9-5 corporate job and while sitting in LA traffic for hundredth time, I shouted in my car saying... . Okay, God, I'm done. I don't know what I'm doing. No matter how hard I work I'm not getting any happier. I don’t feel joy. I can't find any type of settling in my heart. I'm restless and I'm tired. I feel lost. I don't know how to get what I want. Or how to achieve the happiness and peace I'm desperately seeking. I am done trying. I just want YOU to take over at this point. I want YOU to be able to guide me. Direct my life in a way that is meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling. I want my life to mean something.” . So, quickly, two weeks after, I quit my job. Made a vow to myself that if I want to go back out there into the job market, I need to find work that’s meaningful, joyful, beautiful, and creative. Everything that my current job wasn’t. Soon after my declaration, things changed quickly & drastically. The doors started opening for me & @rawfinery was born. Til this day, I still remember the moment I heard Him say loud and clearly to me, “I know the plans I have for you. Let's go.” . Are you currently going through you’re own journey of refining? Do share & tell.

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