From woman to woman, thank you to my black sisters... . For showing me how I shouldn’t be ashamed of my curves and my yellow brown skin. For teaching me to speak truth even when it’s uncomfortable. For being an example for what it looks like to stand up for what you believe in. For opening my eyes, mind and heart up to what’s possible for a brighter future. For using art and words to build bridges. And for showing me what God’s boundless love looks like. Like everyone, I still have my own work to do in this space. I’m committed to the truth and reconciliation. I’m committed to continue to showing up, sharing, collaborating with and telling more stories of diverse voices. I’m committed to surrounding myself with people who will make me better. Because truthfully we are better together, separated we fall. In the last months, I’ve been quietly working on the rebrand and website of Utterly Engaged and my personal brand. The more I work on it, along side of what’s happening outside of my world, digging in and asking the hard questions, I’m starting to see clearly how it’s really God’s vision for this hurt world. We desperately need a hug that only He can give. Let’s continue to lean in, roll up our sleeves and do the work. Are you with me? . Photo by @larajadephotography

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