“God’s love is boundless.” The exact words that @baileyjulio said to me when we first met. Still to this day, brings chills down my arms. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all clung to those words? Meet my two dear friends, @baileyjulio of @ladyoftheriverco and @josuejuly. When I had the opportunity to collaborate with them, not only was I blown away by their artististry but it was their love for each other that I will never forget. To be honest, it’s a type of love that we all need right now. Bailey - “I wanted to be a woman that cares more about the opinion of God than the opinion of others, so I dove into the Word and studied. Not only is our relationship celebrated by God but it's showing the picture of reconciliation between - Two different nations. Two different groups of people. I love that about our marriage. God’s love is deep for all mankind. God’s love is not limited. Pursuing this romantic love with someone who was different from me taught me that God’s love is boundless and God loves without boundaries. I found that in our relationship I'm able to see this picture of God bringing unity and diversity of culture and diversity of skin color, diversity of background and upbringing, and I found that God’s love isn't biased. God’s love is for every tribe, tongue, nation, and group of people.” . —— Image credits @alexalenaphoto @laurennicolephoto_ @thejustinjay

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