Crazy Fights Couples Had The Day Before The Wedding

Crazy Fights Couples Had The Day Before The Wedding


For BRIDES, by Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW.

"I was so overtired and cranky that I shouted at my fiancé, 'If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have to be going through all this insanity!' He started to argue back, saying, 'Well then I can unpropose! Do you want to call the 100 guests who are coming or should I?' I said, 'Let's divvy it up!' Then we looked at each other and burst into laughter!" -Tina

"I had the worst MIL-zilla - constantly driving me crazy throughout the wedding planning. I kept a lot of her demands from my fiancé; she was his mother, after all. But during the wedding rehearsal, when she started trying to stage-manage everything, I took Ted aside and hissed at him, 'If you don't get her to back off, I will, and it won't be pretty!' He looked at me and I saw thought bubbles over his head with captions like 'Hoo boy. If I don't start putting my wife first, there will be hell to pay!' He said, 'Okay, but you've got to let me hang the Mickey Mouse picture you hate in our bathroom.' I shrieked, ' Aaagh. I guess I have no choice!' and we went back to the rehearsal. We didn't discuss it again, but he talked to his mother, she was fine during the wedding, and I gnashed my teeth but let Mickey be a part of our decorating scheme." -Beth

"I had a nutty insecurity dream that Brad ran off with Taylor Swift and left me at the altar. Bursting into tears woke me up, and I screamed at my fiancé, peacefully sleeping beside me, 'If you want to be with someone else, don't let me go through with this farce of a wedding!' The poor guy was so gobsmacked, he fell out of bed! That jolted me back to reality. I apologized, he explained he does love me despite my insanity, and we went on to have a fabulous wedding." -Jill

"I loved being single and gave it up only because I loved Tim more. But still there were times when I feared what not being sole captain of my life would feel like. So right before the wedding, I lashed out at him: 'If you think I'm going to be Homemaker Hannah, then you're marrying the wrong girl.' He got all huffy: 'If you seriously think I don't know the woman I'm marrying, then maybe we are making a mistake!' I immediately deflated: 'What? You don't want to marry me?' Tim said: 'Of course I do. But I want you to understand that I want you to be who you are, not make you a Stepford Wife.' In that moment, my fears fell away. Marriage to this wonderful man would enhance me, not cage me." -Sheila

"I couldn't find my something blue - a diamond-crusted sapphire pendant necklace my fiancé had given me as a wedding present. I really lambasted the poor guy: How could he let me lose it? It was his job to not let my airheadedness get in the way. After I was finished ranting, he calmly pointed out that the necklace was hanging around my neck." -Amanda

Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW, is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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