Alexandra Grecco Wedding Gowns Captured in New Orleans

Alexandra Grecco Wedding Gowns Captured in New Orleans


What's one of the most important things, if not THE most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding dress? Make sure you are comfortable and can MOVE! We can almost guarantee that if you're wearing a dress that's restrictive, or you're constantly having to readjust and are self conscious, it'll likely put a damper on your day. And we think - no, we implore that you deserve to shine and feel like a goddess on your wedding day. Therefore, when you're trying on dresses, perhaps you should do a little dance... Will you be able to party all night in this gown?

NY-based designer Alexandra Grecco knows just important it is to not only feel beautiful in your gown, but to also feel free and be able to easily move. Her latest collection celebrates movement in glorious ways - with flowing skirts, layers of tulle and lace, ruffled hems, and silhouettes that flatter the figure. To highlight this, Alexandra Grecco and photographer M.K. Sadler made their way to New Orleans! What better way to show off a gown that's made for dancing, than by heading to a city known for its music? As the brass band played, Alexandra + her team had a dance party in the streets.

Now, ready to see all the gowns that are specifically made to get your groove on? Let's look!

This is the Paloma Gown and it's made of 100% silk charmeuse. We're crushing on the delicate lace shoulders, coupled with the crisp lines of the back.

The exquisite lace embroidery on the Tahlula Gown is sure to turn heads.

Alexandra shares I often find my inspiration outside the world of fashion. I'm particularly drawn to architecture and the details one finds in buildings from centuries past. In considering my designs, I sometimes find subconscious echoes of that architectural inspiration. It might be in a piece of embroidery or in an element of a gown's structure.

Meet the Isla Gown - a dream in dress form. The sheer Italian tulle bodice is covered with floral lace appliqué, which flows into a romantic full tulle skirt.

Sophisticated + sultry; this is the Ava Gown.

We love the pairing of the Naturae Design hair accessories with the exquisite dresses!

This off-the-shoulder masterpiece is the Etienne Gown.

How fun is the brass band? And ALL the movement in the ruffled tiers of the Daphne Gown!!


The Edith Gown features a plunging deep-V neckline and front slit to the knee.

The Esme Gown is the epitome of romance with the delicate lace that peeks out from the bodice, coupled with the draped silk chiffon skirt.

You could definitely dance the night away in one of these Alexandra Grecco gowns - and we think that's how it should be! :)

So which dress were you dazzled by? Pop on over to Alexandra's site to see the rest of them!

all gowns: Alexandra Grecco // photography: M.K. Sadler // hair + makeup: Amanda Gros // hair accessories: Naturae Design // shoes: Emmy London and Freya Rose

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