Modern Decor and Cake Ideas for 2014

Modern Decor and Cake Ideas for 2014


Modern is one word telling about up to date, fresh things and everything related with new stuffs and different and even sometimes unique. And it also come to the wedding world, the old and classic decorations might have been used in recent days and years and sometimes it necessary to have new and fresh ideas.

In this post I would post several wedding decorations that use the modern and fresh stuffs, and not only decor but I also would love to post some modern wedding cakes that I think all of those will be trends in this 2013 and it might will take the trend in the next year 2014.

Wedding outdor is always one of best choice for wedding place, it always make everything fresh and natural, and healthy atmosphere, green wedding is also great for inspirations.
The new trends for wedding cakes are variety, some of them has simple design but it has very nice and trendy look and always looks elegant, the 2014 wedding cake trends got new and fresh ideas which I said before that they have modern design and they are affordable wedding cakes.
And well we look at several purple table decorations with flowers, that is awesome, and romantic, And the candlelight as always it has strenght to make everything stunning, the candle light is simple and little things but it has monstrous power for us.

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