Yaki Ravid Bridal 2017 Collection - Belle The Magazine

Yaki Ravid Bridal 2017 Collection - Belle The Magazine


f you don't already know about Israel based designer Yaki Ravid, now is the time to check out his gorgeous, dreamy wedding gowns. When I saw his glamorous 2017 collection for the first time my heart completely skipped a beat. The designs are every bride's dream come true. They are all about couture and high fashion, plus totally swoon worthy. I'm talking gorgeous fabrics, beautiful detailing, and silhouettes that are beyond chic.

"The inimitable Yaki sees beauty in simplicity, sophistication in fine lines, and elegance in careful craftsmanship. The confidence of his unconventional orientation is evident in the unique sweep, billow, and flow of his gowns. By jettisoning fashion design orthodoxy, Yaki has birthed something simultaneously new and classic. There is an energetic charge of Old Hollywood glamour that emanates from his dresses, an escape to a time when restraint signified refinement and innovation meant breaking the mold."

lease contact Yaki Ravid for authorized retailers and pricing information.

For every bride, there is a perfect dress awaiting to be discovered. See my edit of the best bridal gowns out there by visiting my Wedding Dress Gallery.

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