What to Pack for Fashion Week with Nordstrom Creative Services' Preetma Singh

What to Pack for Fashion Week with Nordstrom Creative Services' Preetma Singh


Nordstrom creative content contributor Preetma Singh is a Fashion Week regular, punk rock drummer and low-key style icon. Can you be low-key while having green hair? Yes - very.

On a recent walk around our Seattle store, she wondered aloud to us about comfort overtaking her dressing: How cozy is too cozy?

Here's where her head's at re: packing for Fashion Week.

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What do you normally wear that you would not be caught dead in during FW?

Everything! Ha. I got into a bit of a cozy rut the last year, which meant a lot of sloppy t-shirts and sweats. There's a way to make it cool, but definitely not for a February Fashion Week. I'm leaving my ratty tees at home.

What is your FW guilty pleasure that helps you survive the craziness?

When I used to to live in NY and was able to go home at the end of the day, it was one thing and one thing alone: HOT POCKETS. There was something very comforting about coming home after a long day, popping a box in the microwave, and relishing the gooey synthetic cheese that came oozing out. When I'm not local, fries are a very important component of my sanity, along with Irish coffees.

Do you have any (pre-) FW rituals?

I do try to make my normal beauty primping coincide with FW. I definitely get my hair and nails done (I usually HATE sitting still that long and need something to motivate me) and try to fit in a facial. It's important to de-stress and get centered (and make yourself feel/look good)!

Do you plan your outfits? If so, how do you go about it?

I didn't at first, but as my schedule got increasingly harried through the seasons, I started planning as much as I could by looking at the weather forecast and the demands of each day. I also put my boyfriend (bless his heart) through the gauntlet and ask him his opinion on outfits I'm considering to make sure I'm not too crazy, which is my normal tendency - Fashion Week or not. He can be an enabler at times, but that's the fun of it! The preparation does help minimizes the stress in the moment and, most importantly, allows for the maximum amount of sleep each day during FW.

Do you have a "Fashion Friend" that you make sure to hang out with/go to shows with during FW?

One of my favorite parts of FW is seeing friends who work at different fashion publications and companies. Now that I don't live in NY, I'm looking forward to it even more. The specific friend might change depending on schedule and day, but I love to spontaneously buddy up with someone I don't usually see so we can catch up and keep each other grounded!

Have you ever gotten amazing swag from a show or event? What was your favorite?

YES. Any kind of food is much appreciated. I loved when Band of Outsiders used to have Momofuku cookies at the seats. YUM.

What is the coolest or weirdest celebrity interaction you've witnessed at FW?

It wasn't at a show, but during London Fashion Week a few seasons ago, a group of friends and I saw David Beckham at a bar and somehow managed to challenge him to a beer-drinking contest. He ended up not participating, but a friend of his did while David watched. Let's just say at the end of it all, he was very impressed and joined in on a celebratory shot of tequila and we ended up sitting in the booth for a while. It was very surreal because before he walked in were were just joking about how funny it would be if someone super famous like him showed up!

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