6 Snowy Winter Wedding Tips And 45 Ideas - Weddingomania

6 Snowy Winter Wedding Tips And 45 Ideas - Weddingomania


Getting married in winter? If your climate is cold enough, you may have some snow on your big day, and though many couples consider it not favorable, today I'll share cool ideas to get maximum from snowy weather and to add snow to your wedding even more.

Choose A Perfect Snowy Wedding Dress

Snow is gorgeous because it reflects the light perfectly, it will make you sparkle in your dress even more. And here are some ideas that will look best of all in snowy settings: beaded dresses, colorful gown, lace and applique dresses with illusion necklines. Beads and pearls sparkle adorably in the snow and turn you into a snow queen, so you can't go wrong with them. Some lace appliques and ruffles remind of the snow, and colorful gowns perfectly stand out in snowy settings, choose grey, serenity blue, turquoise, blush and red.

Keep Your Makeup And Hair Ready

Prepare your hair and skin long before the wedding to cold. Taking pictures outside requires a water-resistant makeup and a neat hairstyle that can't be spoilt by some snow falling from above. Updos and side updos are the most preferable hairstyles if you are going to take pics in the snow. You can also try a braid, it's easy to renovate in case you need it. Look here to find out how to prep your skin for cold and snow, and read here about winter hair tips in details. Btw, don't forget about nails!

Cover Up

Keep yourself and everyone else warm with cover ups and blankets. A proper cover up will make you look even cooler and will polish the outfit. Whether it's a sweater, a cardigan, a cape, a jacket or a trendy chic fur stole, you gonna look awesome! Choose something that suits your bridal style and don't forget to offer something to the bridesmaids and flower girls.

Make Gorgeous Pics

Use snowy weather to the advantage: make some gorgeous photos outside, nothing looks as romantic as winter wedding pics in the snow! Kiss, play, have fun and enjoy each other and you'll get perfect pics as a result.

Serve Hot Food And Drinks

Keep your guests warm serving hot chocolate, s'mores, hot drinks and even alcoholic cocktails. Hot appetizers and desserts will help to stay comfy and will excite everyone. Make creative marshmallows in various shapes to embrace the season and the wedding theme.

Use Faux Snow For Décor

Make frosty and snowy wedding decorations to highlight the weather and season: candle holders, lanterns, aisle and chair décor. Make some DIYs using faux snow to fit your wedding style and décor: lanterns, centerpieces, snow globes, frost some pinecones and flowers. Cover your wedding cake with sugar powder that will imitate snow.

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