30 Winter Cover Ups That Keep You Warm And Stylish - Weddingomania

30 Winter Cover Ups That Keep You Warm And Stylish - Weddingomania


A cover up is a must for winter weddings because it keeps you warm and adds an eye-catchy detail to your bridal look as any dress will look more awesome with a cool cover up. There are a lot of ideas to cover up at your winter wedding, and today we are sharing the most popular and stylish.


Faux fur is the most popular idea for winter weddings because it will keep you warm for sure and you can easily find a type of cover up and a shade of fur that matches your bridal look. A faux fur stole will keep your shoulders in warmth and you can try a matching color for your dress to complete the look or a contrasting one for an accent. Fur jackets are amazing if you are going to have a cold weather wedding, they will save you from freezing outside. A comfy shawl is a great idea for any bride, it's bigger than a stole but it keeps your warmer, so consider one for a snowy wedding.


This is a cool and eye-catchy alternative to fur, try feather stoles, they are especially cool for the 20s and just vintage weddings. Classic white marabu feather stoles will finish up your vintage bridal look and a colored one will highlight a neutral-colored dress.

Cardigans And Sweaters

Cardigans are still the most popular cover ups for fall and winter nuptials because every bride has one or more in her wardrobe and she will feel extremely comfortable in it. Don't be afraid of bold colors, especially for Christmas and New Year weddings, try emerald, red and sequins. A sweater is great for a cold weather big day, just put it on to take photos outdoors and then take it off. Sweaters look better in neutral colors and shades. If you like crocheting or knitting, you can always make your own shawl, bolero or cover up and personalize it the way you want. Pay attention to white angora, it looks very cute and comfy.

Capes And Coats

Capes are amazing to create a dramatic look like no other. A white cape will easily turn you into a snow queen, and a contrasting cape will highlight your white dress.

Feeling too cold? Put on your coat, gloves and maybe a scarf! Your gorgeous wedding dress will look very contrasting with a casual coat, beanie and scarf. You can try a bold coat of emerald or red color or a neutral one in grey or nude. Get inspired!

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