How to Make Snail Costume - DIY & Crafts - Handimania

How to Make Snail Costume - DIY & Crafts - Handimania


Do you have your Halloween costumes ready? Why don't you surprise everybody and try something untypical this time? As last year and the year before I made some creepy, hair-raising monster costumes, this year I'm gonna be a snail ;)

Yes, I mean it. On Oh Happy Day, I've found a pretty simple tutorial on how to make an adorable Snail Costume. The process isn't too much time-consuming and the supplies are easily available. No need to look for bloody red or skeleton white. I loved the snail costume and even if it's far from the frightening climate, I'm gonna make it.

However, if you're looking for some traditional Halloween decorations, you'll surely like Jack-O-Lanterns With Braces or Meat Hand.

We would like to see the photos of your Halloween costumes, don't wait to share them below!

Check out the tutorial on Oh Happy Day.

What you need:

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