The Bride Diaries. Amy's Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding

The Bride Diaries. Amy's Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding


Can you believe the first of the 2014 WWW real brides is a newly wed already! Ekkk, it's gone so fast and I am so excited to share Amy's wedding with you all today. First up I have the beautiful ceremony and this afternoon I shall be sharing their super crafty reception.

Daniel and Amy married on the 21 st June 2014 at Victoria Hall in Yorkshire. They had a vision of a laid back, kid friendly wedding full of dancing in the evening. There was gorgeous vintage attire, sweet florals and a lot of love.

Thanks goes to Neil Jackson Photographic for sharing his images today.

THE PROPOSAL | We talked about marriage as part of our plan when we decided to have a baby two years ago, I don't think that either of us had seen marriage as particularly important until we realised how nice it'd be to cement our little family. So after our little girl Rose was born we chose a vintage ring together, and I played the waiting game of when Dan would hand it over. A couple of months after choosing the ring we went on our first family trip away to Edinburgh, and Dan popped the question on a beautiful spring morning at Edinburgh Zoo! Rose was asleep in her pram and we were at a lovely look out spot overlooking the whole city, it was perfect.

BEAUTIFUL BRIDESMAIDS | I decided to keep in simple and asked my sister to be my bridesmaid alongside my daughter, and I'm really pleased that I did this. We thought about having them in matching dresses, or at least matching colours, but in the end just went with a cute white outfit for Rose and a floral vintage style dress for my sister, they both looked beautiful.

THE READINGS & MUSIC | We didn't want any readings, and we went for really simple music for the ceremony. I walked down the aisle to John Fahey - Bicycle made for two, which is a lovely version of the song by one of Dan's favourite artists. We stuck with John Fahey for the song for us to leave to, and chose a song which Dan likes to play to Rose on the guitar - which seemed fitting.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS | I thought the ceremony itself would be something to just get out of the way before the fun began, but actually found it really emotional and lovely. I loved the whole day; it just went so so quickly. My main memory is intense pride over how much little Rose enjoyed herself, and that she let other people do all the parenting for the day.

THE VISION | The original plan for the wedding do was something very DIY and village hall-y, but then we saw Victoria Hall and it blew these plans out of the water! It was much grander than intended, but practical for lots of our priorities; fun for kids, laid back, good food and plenty of room for dancing.

THE PLANNING PROCESS | Once we had found the venue we set a date and had about a year to plan the wedding, which seemed a ridiculously long time away and once we'd sorted the biggest things; venue, food, dress, and the all important legal stuff, we pretty much forgot about it for 6 months. I completely took over most of the planning process, and enjoyed all of the DIY stuff being my pet project for a while.

YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER | We were lucky enough for Dan to know Neil Jackson who is a great wedding photographer, so that decision was made easy! We couldn't have been happier with the photos, and Neil was really discreet on the day and as a couple who don't really like having out photos taken we managed not to find the posed photos too painful - which is a miracle.


Venue | Victoria Hall

Dress | HolliePoint on etsy

Food | Bear Cafe in Todmorden

Flowers | Ducks and Daffodils

Beer | The Curious Hop in Otley

Cake | That Old Chestnut

Photographer | Neil Jackson Photographic

How gorgeous, I love how involved little Rose was in their ceremony.

Stay tuned for part 2 this afternoon XOXO Lou

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