The Best Engagement Rings For Christmas Proposals

The Best Engagement Rings For Christmas Proposals


The holiday season is all about giving and what's a more meaningful gift than a gorgeous engagement ring? With the festivities of the season in full swing, not only is this holiday a perfect time to pop the question, it's also the most popular. After all, December can be a very romantic month and, with the plethora of family gatherings and holiday parties just around the corner, it's also the perfect opportunity to share this special moment with your loved ones. But before the proposal, there's the big (and sometimes stressful) decision of choosing the ideal ring. Long gone are the days when picking an engagement ring was solely left up to the person popping the question. Nowadays, more women are getting involved in deciding what their engagement ring will look like. In fact, according to our 2013 annual survey, 55 percent of brides said they were involved in the selection of the engagement ring, with 30 percent making the final decision on their ring.

With an array of options, it's no wonder more women elect to partake in the ring selection. But while the shape, cut and style of your ring are all important aspects, the most vital of all is finding a ring that will beautifully symbolize the lifelong commitment shared between you and your sweetie. So whether you're about to embark on the path towards marriage or know someone close to you who is gearing up to pop the question, here are 15 amazing engagement rings that will hopefully provide some inspiration this holiday season.

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