Unique Vintage Engagement Rings

Unique Vintage Engagement Rings


Rumor has it that engagement season is right around the corner (okay, rumor and personal experience, which make a pretty convincing combination). And so, while we could also be talking about the upcoming holidays and how many presents I still have to buy, let alone wrap, I think something much more exciting is in order. So engagement rings it is! If it’s all right by you I’d really love to start by introducing you to an independent shop that I’ve fallen hard for myself. (Spoiler alert: more unique engagement ring roundups like this to come!) Dear friends, please meet Trumpet & Horn.

Insert swoon here. Trumpet & Horn is a company that’s absolutely passionate about vintage jewelry, which is kind of wonderful. I love their focus on the stories behind rings and the way they seek to continue each vintage ring’s story by helping it find a new owner. But enough about that – let’s look at these rings! The shapes, the styling, the bright stones and intricate settings…I’m new to the beauty that is vintage jewelry, but I think it’s safe to say that these baubles are gorgeous. Which one do you love best?

What do you think? Are you hoping for a vintage ring to slip on your finger?

Rings, from top to bottom: Cave Spring // Juniper // Peachtree // Pebble Beach // Paisley // Tulane // Wakefield // Hazelwood

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