Black Hair That Rocks For Black Brides

Black Hair That Rocks For Black Brides


On the search for something different in hairstyles for brides. Doesn’t it seem that it’s always the same hairstyle almost every  bride wear these days for their white wedding? The classy updo is a very beautiful  hairstyle that fits most brides irrespective of your headshape but it’s getting so cliche especially the side ones.  How about brides carrying the natural hair or braids and dreads. How do these ones fare on their wedding day? I wondered. Since my hair is due for a retouch, I have been happily carrying my natural hair in the most amazing style like Janelle Monae even my mum likes it!  It’s time to stand happily different with your hair-do. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a long flowy hair or a short one like this below. Who says different is boring? Here are some fantastic and unique hair do’s been rocked by Black Brides all over.. Get Inspired!

1. This short-short hair rocks! If you’ve got the head shape for it? Why not?

2, I  Heart this locks.. a simple side swap and a bunch back!

3. Ahmazing Grace- This style for the naturalist is my fave. Now tell me, doesn’t she look beautiful in this?

4. This bunch hairstyle concentrates the attraction at the back and it sure looks pretty to look at. Imagine her walking past you. I bet you would linger on looking- at the hair!

5, Some chics are just so picture perfect with Afro’s so why not use it for the wedding? Just add a piece of accessory and you are set to go!


6, This is just a normal, free flow long curls that sits perfectly well for this bride. I love her net cap giving the gatsby yet modern look. Tres Love!


7, Another long curls for the free-off beat bride

8, I love this donut. We need it back! Very chic.


More styles to come..

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