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wedding photo - Trader Joe's Salad

Trader Joe's Salad

Trader Joe's Salad is going to be your new favorite salad! All ingredients can be purchased at Trader Joes or I provide alternatives too if you don't have a TJ near you. @yourhomebasedmom #traderjoes

wedding photo - Red Wine-Poached Pear Tartlets

Red Wine-Poached Pear Tartlets

The contrast of buttery cream and red wine–poached pears makes these tarts a stunning addition to your holiday spread. For the prettiest presentation, prepare t

wedding photo - Art Fruit

Art Fruit

Fruit Cantaloupe - #melone #summer #2015 xo ❄ ❄ ❄ More

wedding photo - Craft✂️


15 delicious edible favors that would be beyond perfect for a vineyard wedding! (Credit: Ruth Eileen)

wedding photo - Honey & Pistachio Goat Cheese Appetizer

Honey & Pistachio Goat Cheese Appetizer

With warm sunny evenings on the way it’s time to start dinning out doors. I don’t know about you but I have missed sitting on our deck with my family and friend

wedding photo - Champagne Vinaigrette

Champagne Vinaigrette

No need to brace yourself for a loud popping sound. This champagne vinaigrette is made with champagne vinegar, a light-colored and crisp-flavored vinegar that’s

wedding photo - Fabric Fortune Cookies

Fabric Fortune Cookies

I was walking around Michael's craft store last week, searching for inspiration. I have several graduates to give gifts to, and I wanted them to be special. I s

wedding photo - Shabby Chic Calamigos Ranch Wedding

Shabby Chic Calamigos Ranch Wedding

Calamigos Ranch set the stage for this pink soiree featuring two wedding dresses from Beautiful Day Wedding, twinkling lights, a taco truck and more.

wedding photo - Olive Oil Favors With Avery

Olive Oil Favors With Avery

We're DIYing up some fabulous favors today, all with the help of Avery , our go-to place for all things crafty and creative. I'm talking crazy cool templates, v

wedding photo - Paleo Recipes

Paleo Recipes

This Paleo Chicken with Mushroom & Tarragon Cream Sauce is an easy and quick recipe that is perfect for weeknights. Around 20 min & only a few ingredients

wedding photo - Mint Lemon Ice Sticks

Mint Lemon Ice Sticks

It’s that time of the year again. Time to fancy up your water for those incredible summertime outdoor get-togethers! I recently made some mint lemon ice sticks

wedding photo - Baked Scallop Gratin

Baked Scallop Gratin

The delicate crunch of the crispy top of this Baked Scallop Gratin contrasts perfectly with the mild, tender scallop while the garlic and lemon juice provide a delightful flavor spike.