Mariage - Laura Hooper

Laura Hooper

Did you know that not every combination of ink + paper + nib will work for calligraphy? Many beginners in our workshops have attempted to teach themselves calligraphy by buying ink that they see someone using online, a nib they see someone else using, and pulling paper from their printer/copier at home. They can't get the tools to work and are left thinking they simply "can't" do pointed-pen calligraphy when in reality, they just aren't using the right combination of tools and just need some instruction to go along with the best supplies. - This is precisely why we developed our starter kit + video tutorial as well as in-person workshops {which include access to the 2.5 hour video tutorial as well}. We want to set you up with tools curated to work well together plus instructions on how to use them, giving you the very best chance at success with the art. - So whether you've never picked up a calligraphy pen, or even if you've attempted on your own with discouraging results, we'd love for you to give our kit or workshops a try! Head to for full details on our options both at home and around US. {Photo by @shalynnelson}

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