Hawaii is a quiet enigma, wrapped in roads and highways that run through moss-cloaked hills and emerald greenery, and unmarked paths and waterways that beckon to be explored. Content creator Logan Armstrong was enchanted by one of the island’s invitations when he stumbled across an unmarked trail while driving along the Hana Highway — known for housing hidden pockets of natural beauty — in Maui. After stopping to venture down the lush forest pathway, he emerged to this quiet corner and sat, listening to the rhythmic cascades of a pair of young waterfalls and taking in one of the island’s concealed coves. Though it may seem like so much territory has already been charted and explored, there's beauty in remembering that even some of the seemingly most-explored places still offer secret corners just waiting to be discovered. Where have you found your favorite hidden spot while traveling? #VisitTheUSA (

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