Mariage - Stone Fox Bride

Stone Fox Bride

Our families have known each other since before we were born, but we had never met. I was in LA for work and visiting family and he was there for a USC game with his family. My aunt invited me to dinner with him and his parents - they strategically sat us next to each other. He asked for my number but when I typed it in, it was already there - my cousin had been trying to set us up! Two weeks later, back in New York, we had our first date and it was a real “aha” moment - how had we not met sooner?! Less than one year later, he told me we were having dinner with his boss at Maialino, and asked me to take a walk while we “waited for the table.” He proposed in Gramercy Park, and when we went back to Gramercy Park Hotel, all our friends were waiting at the Rose Bar. It was a dream. He is a dream. #stonefoxrings

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