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Kat Williams

There’s something pretty freaking empowering about saying no to things that you thought you needed but you don’t. To get married, you really only need three things: you, your partner, and someone to marry you. That’s it. All of the other stuff is fun (and sometimes unnecessary) icing on the cake and those extras are often the things that stress us out the most. The concept of the fuck it bucket isn’t new (people have been putting stuff in it for years!), however in this instance I was inspired by a Reddit/Weddit thread, where couples listed all of the details and worries that they were going to ditch. My interpretation of the fuck it bucket is that it is a magical vessel where all of your wedding expectations, tasks, and unfinished DIY projects go. The fuck it bucket (FIB for short) comes in handy when disposing of the things that you initially thought were important, but six months (or six minutes) in you realise aren’t worth it. It can include traditions, expectations, trends, gifts and well-intentioned DIY projects can all find a new home in the FIB. Everyone’s FIB contains different things, and that is A-OK. For example: CHAIR COVERS Fuck them. They are ugly chair condoms that will eat up your money. No one is offended by naked chairs, and if they are, they need to think about their choices. I am more offended by shiny lycra chair covers with big bows than a naked chair. Chair covers are expensive and disgusting, and I passionately feel that they belong in the fuck it bucket. Head over to the blog to read this full glorious article written by the one and only @bridechillapodcast (she speaks so much truth!) Photo by @emma_epiclovestory

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