Red Eyebrows: The Secret to Matching Your Eyebrows to Your Newly Red Hair

Red Eyebrows: The Secret to Matching Your Eyebrows to Your Newly Red Hair


What's more fun than dyeing your hair red on a whim? Maybe giving your wardrobe an overhaul to match and choosing a new, coordinating makeup palette? While changing your whole look with a new hair color, don't forget to include your . Red eyebrows can be tricky!

They need to match your ginger hair while still looking natural. They can't be too bright or too faded. It's a delicate balance when you're filling in red eyebrows!

When you choose a bold hue like red, some colorists will offer to dye your eyebrows the exact same hue used on your hair, but beware!

Look at a natural redhead and you'll see her eyebrows are often blonde. They're never a perfect match, like one might assume. Purely red eyebrows are a good look on no one!

Plus, since red shades fade so quickly, a dyed brow won't last long. Instead, turn to brow makeup for a shade that can be maintained daily and looks natural.

Mix and Match to Make Your Red Eyebrows Perfect

To create a color that will blend perfectly with your freshly minted redheaded look, mix blonde and auburn powders to find a soft hue that complements your hair color. Don't just pick one red eyebrow powder or pencil. Customize your shade to your liking.

Powders like NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Cake Powder work better than pencils because they look more natural and blend more softly into brow hairs. Finish with a gel to set. Our new favorite is Maybelline EyeStudio Brow Drama in Blonde. Red eyebrows don't have to be scary and they don't have to be too red either! You can achieve a natural look that complements your ginger hair beautifully.

Do you go for a perfect match when coloring in your brows? Tell us in the comments!

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