37 Unique Mermaid-Inspired Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania

37 Unique Mermaid-Inspired Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania


If you both extremely love sea and ocean and want to rock them for your wedding, we recommend to add a whimsy touch and go for a mermaid-themed wedding to avoid having usual beach nuptials. Mermaid weddings are very eye-catchy and interesting and seem to dip you right into the sea. Wanna some ideas? Here you are!

Bridal Look

Your bridal look will be one of the focal points at every wedding but here especially, so rock something mermaid-inspired! Don't afraid of wearing a bold sequin dress reminding of fish scales, or an aqua-colored sparkling gown, or maybe an ombre one. Some daring brides even rock bold red hair and crazy shell tiaras for an Ariel-inspired look. Even if you don't want a very eye-catching and bold dress or crazily red hair, you can always wear amazing accessories inspired by the sea: sea shell, star fish necklaces, headpieces, tiaras and belts that will easily turn you into a mermaid and add some sparkle to remind of the fish scales.

Bridal Bouquet

This is another statement you can make, even if you are rocking the simplest dress ever. Order or make yourself a stunning bouquet made of shells, star fish, air plants with addition of flowers and greenery or even without. Such a bouquet will add to your birdal look and make it more mermaid-inspired.

Wedding Décor

Rock under the sea wedding theme! Choose décor in aqua, sea foam, bold blue and turquoise colors, rock shells, star fish, air plants, blue and gold sequins everywhere, and of course pearls. Use sea décor throughout the whole ceremony spot and reception, turn your venue into the sea! Driftwood and succulents look amazing for such wedding themes, and candles or candle lanterns will make your décor more refined. Don't be afraid to add whimsy touches like hanging jelly fish over the reception, they will be very memorable. If you are having an outdoor reception, make it as close to the sea as possible and use the natural landscape to advantage as beutiful nature doesn't require much decor usually.

Wedding Food

Make your wedding treats a part of your wedding décor! Your wedding cake can be decorated with real shells and star fish or with edible ones, you can also serve sea-inspired macarons, candies, cupcakes and other stuff you like. Top cupcakes with edible shells and make cookies looking liek clams with pearls inside, everybody will love them! Serve them all on fishing net with shells and pearls to give them a sea treasures look.

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