You Dropped Your Makeup Compact. Now What?

You Dropped Your Makeup Compact. Now What?


S#@*! You JUST bought a new makeup compact and thanks to your butterfingers, it's now on the bathroom floor in a thousand pieces. Hold back those tears because this lousy situation has an easy fix. No more running to the store for another compact - here's how you can save your broken one in a pinch!

What You Need:
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cosmetic spatula or small spoon

Step 1. Break up all of the fragmented pieces in your compact with either a spatula or small spoon. Pour a teaspoon amount of rubbing alcohol (you can also use the bottle cap as a measuring tool) and evenly distribute it over the broken powder.

Step 2. Using the spatula or spoon, press down on the wet makeup (it should look and feel like paste at this point), further breaking down the pieces so that they can be easily smoothed out.

Step 3.
Using the flat end of your tool, firmly press down on the makeup and smooth it back into place.

Step 4. Allow the powder to dry overnight. The color should go back to normal and the alcohol smell should dissipate within a few hours.

Voila, your compact is as good as new!

Since your compact is as good as new, check out our ultimate makeup tutorial for inspo!

Photo: Wyatt Conlon

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