Yolan Cris Wedding Dress Collection

Yolan Cris Wedding Dress Collection


Today we're sharing a wedding dress collection with you guys, that packs a serious punch.

From the ethereal and dreamy to the offbeat and eclectic, the wildly romantic to the mildly classic, and the subtly sexy to the entirely daring, this collection has it all.

Meet Yolan Cris, a Barcelona bridal studio who's come onto our radar in a big way with unique designs, glorious detail and incredible styling.

Yolan Cris' 2015 wedding dress collection has been split into two parts, Couture and Chic, and four lines, Boho, Eclectic, Lace and Vintage, each one with their own unique look, styling and spirit.

Designed by Yolanda and Cristina Perez (see where they got the name!) we'll let the team behind Yolan Cris tell you more about their breathtaking 2015 collection...

From The Designers

The Chic part of the collection reflects the freshness and youth represented by casual air and bohemian fabrics such as guipure, crochet, combined with fine cotton and linen fibers. Femininity is defined by lace skirts with front pockets and French fabrics like plumeti to detail languid silhouettes. Together, gives a place an exotic and romantic line, result of creativity and originality. The Couture part of the collection belongs to the highest level and technical design and sewing line. Each dress is elaborated by haute couture ancient techniques and is made ​​to measure, adapted to each client, giving relevance to sewing and hand embroidery creating special parts of each dress. That's the reason this haute couture bridal collection is totally unique, made with the finest European fabrics and embroidered rhinestones, guipure pastel silk, embroidered silk tulle combined with French Chantilly lace.

Boho Chic

Lace Couture

Ethnic Chic

Vintage Couture

Aren't the just incredible? Which line is your favourite? I love the Boho dresses, but the Eclectic styling is so cool!

For more information on stockists and pricing visit the Yolan Cris website.

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