Simply magic: Gili and Ido

Simply magic: Gili and Ido


A stunning two-part wedding dress, country side atmosphere and one special couple we had the pleasure of knowing during our 2014 new year's production. Gili and Ido's wedding is one of the happiest we hosted here on our blog and it comes with a must-read proposal story.

After eight years of being together, Ido decided to pop the question in the most original and charming way. One day, he arrived to pick up Gili, telling her they are going to celebrate his father's birthday. In the middle of the ride in the Ben Shemen Forest Junction, Ido stopped the car and asked Gili "did you see that?"

Gili did not understand what her boyfriend was talking about, he made a u-turn and they entered the forest where a sign post read "Gili and Ido's wedding". Ido was beside himself with excitement about the fact that there is another couple named Gili and Ido and that they are getting married in the Ben Shemen Forest. He told Gili that they must go and crash the wedding in order to meet the couple.

On the way the "other" couple's wedding they were stopped by parking "ushers", they were given "seating arrangements slips", and someone escorted them to the entrance. All of a sudden a rabbi popped up and asked them to go with him to a gorgeous view point where both their families were waiting with signs that read "Gili, Will you marry me?" Ido we have one thing to say to you - you nailed it!

Right from the start, they knew they wanted to get married in nature and the Hanahala venue was the perfect place for them. Gili wanted a simple, yet graceful wedding dress that would really correspond with the natural scenery. She found all that and more in a magical dress by Eisen - Stein. The stunning look was completed by immaculate makeup by our talented blog's makeup artist, karine Cohen. And everything was capture by our beloved photographer Idan Milman - a winning team, no doubt.

While planning the wedding, Gili started studying design and event planning which gave her the tools to make an impressively design her own wedding. The design concept the couple chose was Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) - apples, honey and everything in between. At the entrance a hostess was handing the guests small apples with the table numbers attached to it. There were also crates of apples on the tables and the guests received honey jars as gifts.

Gili recommends not going crazy with the wedding ideas and just focus on two or three important elements, so you don't lose your vision in the process.

Gili and Ido, you are an amazing couple and it is our pleasure to come full circle with you after having the pleasure to make your acquaintance a year ago. We were amazed at how you created a perfect and unique day.

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