Fola Lawal Photography Presents Oyedamola and Esther’s White Wedding

Fola Lawal Photography Presents Oyedamola and Esther’s White Wedding


There are so many special moments for me on Esther and Damola’s white wedding. It is sheer joy when you see your friends celebrate your special day with you and they are all having FUN! The colors chosen by Esther are simply breathtaking. I noticed a new trend though, the groomsmen used tangerine orange as their color for the stripey ties while the bridesmaids went for coral. That is a subtle way to harmonize your colors because coral and tangerine are shades of orange.  Using different shades of one color is a great way to get your color palette. So much amazing pictures to show you, just make sure you head over to the gallery page after this. Fola of Fola Lawal Photography nailed it on this one! Thank you!

How We Met:

Funny story. I’ve seen Damola around and I’ve always had a crush on him.  I added him on Facebook, go though his Facebook page to see what was going on with him. Not knowing that he felt the same way about me. I let the feelings go on for years. One day I got a message from him on Facebook saying he and his friends were throwing a party and he personally invited me. I was so happy that I started planning about going to the party since Monday and the party was on Saturday. When  I saw him that day, my heart melt, I instantly knew he was the one. The day we officially started talking was at the Nigerian Independence day party. He came up to me whisper in my hears “am watching u” lol  I was thrilled. After the party I went home and I couldn’t sleep so I decided to send him a message on fb and ever since that message he has been in my life.

Oyedamola eagerly waiting for his Queen.

The walk..



Highlight of the wedding was when I was standing in front of God, my family and friends professing my love to my husband.

  Advise to Other Brides

To other brides: Stay Calm because things will get to you. I planned my wedding while been pregnant and wed two month after giving birth, Patience and God was the only thing that got me through it.`

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