37 Lush Floral Wedding Ideas You'll Enjoy - Weddingomania

37 Lush Floral Wedding Ideas You'll Enjoy - Weddingomania


Spring is coming closer and closer and then summer isn't that far off, and what's the characteristic feature of these seasons? A lot of greenery and blooms around, I totally love that! Looking at this beauty and feeling floral aromas all around makes my soul sing. And of course, if you are getting married, you definitely need chic lush florals for your big day: first of all, it's a huge trend right now, and second, your venue will look just adorable and unforgettable. I've prepared a whole bunch of adorable lush florals ideas you may use, let's take a closer look.

Wedding Bouquets

A lush bridal bouquet is perhaps the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of lush wedding florals. Your bridal look will be stunning with an oversized textural bouquet with greenery or just flowers! There are tons of ideas for such bouquets, lots of flowers and shades to choose from, it's all up to you. we advise just to make the bouquet a bit more textural using various florals, herbs and leaves to make it more stunning.

Wedding Arches And Backdrops

Your ceremony will be even more touching if you exchange vows in front of a stunning lush flower arch. The flowers and shades are up to your wedding color scheme, believe me, you won't regret these expanses! Another great idea is an oversized wreath covered with flowers and herbs, it's currently a new hot trend, such wreaths are also great for taking pics outside. One more hot trend popping up is a floral wall backdrop for your ceremony. Make it framed for a more refined look or try unique ombre looks.

Hanging Wedding Florals

Lush floral chandeliers are another hot trend in the wedding industry today. These stunning decorations definitely have a wow-factor, and they will make your venue more refined and chic. Choose flowers and shades according to your color scheme, and we advise to add some hanging crystals or candles in candle holders to accentuate the chandelier. You can also hang some flower over the reception without making a chandelier. Floral chandeliers are amazing for accentuating various areas: your sweetheart table, your ceremony spot, reception, dessert bar or the dance floor.

Floral Table Runners

A floral table runner or garland is an adorable alternative to a usual flower centerpiece. It can be made of one type of flowers, of different ones, with or without greenery and herbs, you can put candles in candle holders right inside the runner for an amazing look. Get inspired!

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