Houghton Fall 2016 Wedding Dresses

Houghton Fall 2016 Wedding Dresses


From fringe and floral prints to sequins and fur, Houghton's Fall 2016 collection highlighted the perfect mix of boho chic and glam. Channeling the trendsetting style of Kate Moss and the retro looks donned by Kate Hudson's Penny Lane from Almost Famous, designer Katharine Polk unveiled an assortment of whimsical pieces, each with its own distinctive feminine touch. While looks were bold and dramatic, Polk offered versatile, ready-to-wear styles designed for modern brides who wish to break away from tradition and transform their wedding dresses into wardrobe staples. The collection showcased Polk's penchant for exploring textures and fabrics, with looks melding sleek ivory silks, horsehair fringe, lace stockings and fur shawls. Keeping in tune with her signature aesthetic, Polk featured menswear-inspired pieces, which included a light blue sequin-adorned jogging suit and a modern, elegant ivory tuxedo dress. Rounding out the eclectic retro line were stunning floral-print gowns, complete with soft ruffle accents, for an added pop of colour to the collection's edgy designs.

Photography courtesy of Houghton

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