9 Hottest Flower Trends For 2015 And 27 Examples | Weddingomania

9 Hottest Flower Trends For 2015 And 27 Examples | Weddingomania


Flowers are an indispensable part of every wedding, so what are the hottest floral trends for 2015?

  1. All that color. The main trend for 2015 is bold and sometimes rainbow colors of flowers.
  2. Something blue. It's an old tradition that is really hot for flowers this year, summer through to autumn.
  3. DIY décor. Small, informal table arrangements continue to be the most popular. The trend for vintage bottles or small jars will continue through 2015.
  4. Seasonal blooms. Seasonal and locally sourced flowers have been a massive trend over the last few years and still for 2015.
  5. Wild foliage. Foliage plays a big part in many schemes, even for winter affairs.
  6. White and green color schemes have been replaced with white and silver.
  7. Old school blooms. Old-fashioned varieties of flowers such as Dahlias, Gladioli and Chrysanthemums are in vogue again.
  8. Scented centerpieces. Scent is an important factor when selecting flowers to create an atmosphere.
  9. Flowers in bridal hair. The other big trend, which will continue through 2015, is wearing flowers.

Get inspired by incredibly beautiful ideas below!

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