Maquillage de mariage #2

wedding photo - Soft Pink Lips

Soft Pink Lips

Weddbook ♥ These are the soft pink lips that you should go for when wearing a dark and bold eye makeup. If your lips are thin or you like fuller lips, you can over line them just like on this look. As lip pencil, a shade that is slightly darker than

wedding photo - Beautiful Bronzers

Beautiful Bronzers

Weddbook ♥ This bronzer is one of the favorites of the most famous makeup artists nowadays. It's a high end product that you definitely pay for the quality. It also comes in a sweet box with its own brush that is also in the box so its totally travel

wedding photo - Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

Weddbook ♥ This is a simple sparkly smokey eye that is great for any special occasion. The colors used from the famous palette is marked according to the order. You can easily do this gorgeous look by yourself. #smokey, #sparkly, #abh, #eyeshadow, #

wedding photo - ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Lip Palette


Weddbook ♥♥ A professional lip palette in 18 shades that range from primaries and neutrals to bold brights. You can wear these shades alone or blend them together for an endless array of looks. #wedingmakeup #facemakeup #lipbalm #lippalette

wedding photo - Carved Lipstick

Carved Lipstick

Weddbook ♥ These lipsticks are not just look amazing on your lips, they simply look amazing. They have carvings of a butterfly shape on the product and the part where you hold it is covered in glitter. They look like what high end makeup products sho

wedding photo - Pink Smokey Eye Tutarial

Pink Smokey Eye Tutarial

Weddbook ♥ This is a step by step tutorial to achieve the perfect pink smokey eye. It's done in easy six steps that even a beginner can follow successfully. If you want t go for a sweet but a demanding look at the same time during the day, this might

wedding photo - Party Makeup

Party Makeup

Weddbook ♥ This is a bold party makeup that is the kind where the face is built like a porcelain doll. The eyes are a green and black smokey eye with sparkles. The rest of the face is built matte with contour on the cheeks and a matte maroon lip. #ma

wedding photo - Ombre Lip

Ombre Lip

Weddbook ♥ This lip look is an ombre which goes on the lower lip. It goes form the color of the upper lip to nude. The upper lip has a black glossy color on it. #black, #ombre, #lip, #makeup

wedding photo - Colorful Halloween Makeup

Colorful Halloween Makeup

Weddbook ♥ This is a pop art halloween makeup tutorial. The eye lids are painted in rainbow colors that look like they are melting to the cheeks. The same technique is also used on the lips and the lips and the nose and contoured to complete the pop

wedding photo - Comic Book Makeup

Comic Book Makeup

Weddbook ♥ This is a makeup look that is inspired by the pop art comic books. Black contours and white highlights are used to distinguish the thick lines. The colors are chosen very bright to follow the pop art movement. #popart, #comic, #comicbook,

wedding photo - Makeup


The only beauty box subscription with five full-size and luxury travel-size products for only $21 per month with a retail value over $100 & free shipping.

wedding photo - Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup

Weddbook ♥ This bridal makeup is for the ones who would like a dramatic look. The eyes are a super smokey bold liner look with lots of sparkles. This is the kind of makeup you can wear on your wedding day without worrying that it's too much. #wedding

wedding photo - Spider Web Eye Makeup

Spider Web Eye Makeup

Weddbook ♥ This year, you will look amazing at the Halloween party with this eye makeup. It is actually really simple and fun to do. All you need is big false lases and eye pencil to draw the spider web. #spider, #web, #spiderweb, #halloween, #spooky

wedding photo - Smoke In Flames

Smoke In Flames

Weddbook ♥ This eye look is so hot that you can only wear it to a party or a nightclub. The lid has red shades on both corners and orange on the middle of it. The outer corner of the eye is a black color that is blended so well with the bright tones

wedding photo - COVER FX Contour Kit

COVER FX Contour Kit

A convenient contouring palette with all you need to contour, strobe, and highlight your complexion. It comes in six global shades based on depth and undertone, so every skin has an ideal match. It includes a step-by-step instruction card to ensure p

wedding photo - Sephora PRO Dimensional Highlighting Palette

Sephora PRO Dimensional Highlighting Palette

Weddbook ♥♥ An innovative and revolutionary palette consisting of three lightweight, buildable cream highlighters and two high-shine glaze top coats in shades that flatter every skin tone. #weddingmakeup #facemakeup #highlighter

wedding photo - Three Shade Eyeshadow Tutorial

Three Shade Eyeshadow Tutorial

Weddbook ♥ This is a simple eye shadow look that can be easily done by following these steps. This tutorial also shows what kind of brush you should use at each steps which makes it a whole lot easier. This key to achieving this look is of course ble

wedding photo - Makeup Essentials In A Box

Makeup Essentials In A Box

Weddbook ♥ This makeup box is only for your essentials. During the day or a holiday you can survive only with this bad boy when you want proper eye makeup. The packaging of the box is really cute which makes that an extra plus. #eye, #kit, #makeup, #

wedding photo - Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorial

Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorial

Weddbook ♥ This beautiful eye makeup is basically some kind of makeup art that you don't see every day. The colors are boldly chosen and applied professionally. Red and Green are not that simple colors to work with an in order to achieve this look, o

wedding photo - KAT VON D Immortal Lash 24 Hour Mascara

KAT VON D Immortal Lash 24 Hour Mascara

Weddbook ♥♥ A 24-hour wear mascara with a three-in-one brush that lengthens, curls, and coats every lash for a high-drama look. The ultra-black formula is infused with conditioning vitamins A and E for soft, supple lashes. #weddingmakeup #eyemakeup #