Idées de mariage - Light

wedding photo - Project Wedding

Project Wedding

I like this idea with whatever is locally available. Good for Winter wedding. #light

wedding photo - Mariage éclairage

Mariage éclairage

Outdoor reception - Try something different at your reception light #lumiere

wedding photo - Lights


crystal globe pendant light. #light

wedding photo - Initiales néon.

Initiales néon.

See more about neon signage, neon lighting and neon wedding. light #lumiere

wedding photo - Mariage réel: Chris Et Nishi

Mariage réel: Chris Et Nishi

The view at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point, CA blew Chris and Nishi away. Once they took in the sweeping vista of the Pacific Ocean, they knew they had found th

wedding photo - Light It Up.

Light It Up.

See more about lantern festival, sky lanterns and lanterns. light #lumiere

wedding photo - À l'extérieur

À l'extérieur

See more about outdoor weddings, outdoor receptions and wedding receptions. light #lumiere

wedding photo - Lanternes


See more about lantern centerpieces, burlap runners and beach weddings. light #lumiere

wedding photo - Mariage romantique rustique Plantation

Mariage romantique rustique Plantation

Ahh, what a breath of fresh air Tiffany and Jason’s whimsical wedding affair is! We’re taken aback by these stunning images from Ashley Seawell Photography—vint

wedding photo - Grange mariage

Grange mariage

See more about barn weddings, barn parties and barn reception. light #lumiere

wedding photo - Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light!

Outdoor or indoor, this is gorgeous! All you need is tulle, round bulb string lights (or Christmas lights), paper lanterns, and you could use fishing line to hold it up! #light

wedding photo - Éclairage


See more about outdoor candles, candle lighting and tea lights. light #lumiere

wedding photo - Light Up The Night

Light Up The Night

love wedding sign light #lumiere

wedding photo - Éclairage


White Wedding & Events: Nautical Wedding Style light #lumiere

wedding photo - Weddings


Wedding photo of bride & groom kissing at night with sparklers! #light

wedding photo - Sur Le trellace

Sur Le trellace

See more about fairy lights, tent lighting and tents. light #lumiere

wedding photo - Mariage éclairage

Mariage éclairage

Dozens of hanging lanterns—each chosen for their rustic, vintage feel—illuminated this reception tent

wedding photo - Light Up The Night

Light Up The Night

Like floating stars since the wires almost disappear. Find on amazon. light #lumiere