Idées de mariage - 50s

wedding photo - Tea Length Wedding Dresses Via True

Tea Length Wedding Dresses Via True

tea length wedding dresses via true - Deer Pearl Flowers / #50s

wedding photo - My Closeeeet

My Closeeeet

♡ Subscribe to become a love ♡ xoxo, Jasmine #50s

wedding photo - The 1950's Reminiscences

The 1950's Reminiscences

These are not all from the 1950's but pink and chocolate brown and pink and turquoise were the two main color pallates of the 50's. #50s

wedding photo - Bolo De Casamento

Bolo De Casamento

pra quem optou pelo estilo romântico, um bolo com flores ou mesmo com um delicado laço contemplam a escolha. #50s

wedding photo - Wedding Things I Like

Wedding Things I Like

I don't think I want to go short…but if I do this is it. vintageweddingdress-3 by Adore_Vintage, via Flickr #50s