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Erin Balfour

Helloooo! It's me - Erin! I'm the founder of Way Out Wedding (a.k.a. WOW to save me time ⏰) and it‘s WOW's 7th birthday today. OMG! I started it when my second baby was born and I wanted to keep the old baby brain at bay and have a space for myself while the mischiefs napped (I miss naps). It was after writing about cool nerdy weddings for my friend @susiemcbeth's website that I realised I FREAKIN' LOVE ALTERNATIVE WEDDINGS!! And so WOW was born. So what else can I tell you about me? THIS...⁠ ⁠ ♥️ I'm worryingly obsessed with McDonald's⁠ ♥️ I love London more than anywhere else in the world. I lived there for 11 years and my little face beams when I get to go visit. I feel like I've come home when I step off that train.⁠ ♥️ I love aeroplanes SOOOO much and could happily spend a day gawping at them at Heathrow.⁠ MAGNIFICENT. ✈️⁠ ♥️ I like postcodes⁠. I worked in the Royal Mail sorting office in 2000 and I still remember all the Gloucester ones. That's where I live and grew up. ⁠ ♥️ I like London buses and no matter where I am in the capital, I see the number 14. Like it's spooky. Does that bus go everywhere?!⁠ ♥️ I love live music. Gigs in London is my Venn of joy.⁠ ♥️ Mine's a large Sauv B, ta.⁠ ♥️ The Good Place was my fave TV show EVER.⁠ ♥️ I've struggled with my mental health my entire life and so will always have time for you if you're the same and you need me. I'm lined up for an ADHD assessment and that would explain SO much. Will keep you posted!⁠ ♥️ I'm a parent carer and so most of my time is spent doing everything that goes along with that. Thank goodness for being able to run a biz on your phone, eh!⁠ ♥️ I wish Mark Kermode had been my film studies teacher and Charlie Brooker my media studies teacher and Philomena Cunk my history teacher.⁠ ♥️ Me and my friends are writing a horror film using WhatsApp and Trello and we hope to be on Netflix one day. ♥️ I LOVE running and hope to run the London or NYC marathon one day. One lovely moment was when I mentioned one of my fave books Jog On and the lovely @mackie_bella messaged me to thank me. She’s ace. So is her book. Go get it

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