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Citlalli Rico

Last Friday wasn't my favorite day. It was a difficult one. I had to do some food shopping, so I decided to do this at a local market that pops up every Friday near my home. My sister and I do all the grocery shopping for my parents as we all decided they should stay at home the whole time. Leaving the house these days is a long ritual I never thought was going to take that long. And I realize I didn't prepare mentally for it. I forgot half of the things I had to bring with me and found myself confused, sometimes scared, and overthinking too much. I had to ask other buyers to keep their distance from me more than once. This statement feels so odd, no matter how kind you want to put it out there. The roller coaster of emotions we are all living experiencing days is real and overwhelming. One of the things that have helped is writing down everything I feel so I can become aware of the emotions and physical reactions. Acknowledging them helps me deal with the situation in a more accessible, calmer way. What has helped you keep your mental peace? Any tips are highly appreciated. . We took this photo at Elena & Rob's wedding at @secretsplayamujeres . We love loving, helping, fun bridesmaids! . #mentalhealth #secretsplayamujeres #destinationweddingideas #bridesmaidsumbrellas #takecareofyourself #foodshopping #quarantinelife

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