Mariage - 男士婚禮小物 #西服席位卡 #行李牌 DIY號碼桌卡夾餐盤佈置名片卡ZH018

男士婚禮小物 #西服席位卡 #行李牌 DIY號碼桌卡夾餐盤佈置名片卡ZH018

Luggage tags for both "Him" and "Her"! What a great way to thank your guests for travelling to your event! Frequent travellers will adore the utility of this unique favor that will let their luggage stand out amidst the masses. "She" wears a pink gown and holds a single lily, while "He" wears a black suit and holds out a love letter to his beloved. Each comes with a 10cm x 14cm display stand that makes them appear to be coming down the aisle. Includes a card that reads "Thank you for sharing our joy" that flips over for your guests to fill in their particulars before their trip. Made of synthetic leather, each luggage tag measures approximately 10cm tall and is attached with an adjustable strap.

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