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Happy (almost) New Year!⠀ This season, and the beginning of a new year, can be downright exciting - and overwhelming. Well, at least for me.⠀ It’s arguably my favorite time of year, but it comes as a mixed bag. I love the cheer, the festivities, and the pause. I love the opportunity to reflect and dream which can often come with some mixed feelings, dare I even say, a bit of sadness. That time is FLYING, another year has gone by, and that I haven’t accomplished as much as I’d like. I don’t mean just work and business, but in life - unrealized moments, vacation, or time with loved ones. I say this beyond grateful for everything the last 365 days has brought to my life and I count myself lucky to be where I am at this moment, home. And in the same token, I realize there is so much more I desire to do and so much more impact I wish to have. So, on this day of celebration I’m raising a glass of bubbles (ok, several

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