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Laura Hooper

What does being boss mean to you? Real talk here, so read on and please give a double tap if any of this resonates with you!! - I don't recall precisely what I thought being my own boss would mean when I first started my business over 18 years ago, but I'm guessing it was something along the lines of making my own hours, not having to do anything I don't want to do & not worrying about much because I'm going to make a living doing and sharing my art. - Now, I DO get to make a living sharing this beautiful art through our custom client work, teaching workshops and online courses, and offering high-quality calligraphy supplies {love all of this!}. I sometimes get to make my own hours, but my time can also be dictated by hard deadlines {no, you can't come in late with handwritten reception work, lol} which for a long time meant working evenings and weekends. But running a business definitely involves a lot more than the art part that I love so much. In addition to the givens like financials & tech headaches, I also personally carry the mental weight of responsibility for everything that happens at the studio, I worry about the happiness of our employees, I stress about the financial health of the company, this whole social media world where you have to really put yourself out there as the face of the business is emotionally taxing for a shy introvert like me...the list goes on and on. The last 5 years I've truly focused on finding more balance and dedicating time to my self-care in an attempt to not to let work related things take over my entire life. It can be difficult as so many of you know. - All this to say that things might look perfect in everyone else's curated squares, but just remember there are actual people behind the scenes going through personal struggles along with the triumphs. There's no right or wrong way...and being boss will have all sorts of mixed emotions & that’s okay. - If this resonates, please give a double-tap so others can see it, too!

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