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Laura Hooper

If you’ve been struggling to truly improve in your pointed-pen skills, here’s the truth. Targeted, repetitive practice drills are the very best way to *actually* accelerate in your technique. Over the years, teaching over 10,000 students through our educational programs, we have seen that working on drills has a direct effect on the improvement of your letters. You have to be able to control the pen & nib to move into a consistent, confident, ink blob-free space with your art. Skipping the basics only increases the time it will take for you to truly feel confident in your work & be in a position to proficiently move into envelope work & try out new script styles. - Enrollment for both CPP 1.0 & 2.0 ends TODAY, so click that link in my profile if you’re ready to see real improvement in your pointed-pen skills. As a bonus, we’ve dedicated a full section of CPP 2.0 to envelope spacing & centering. - Don’t delay! Doors close for the rest of the year after today, August link is in my profile. {pen holder, nib & opaque white ink all via}.

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