Mariage - Laura Hooper

Laura Hooper

Cheers to a fresh new week! If only we were back at @theschoolofstyling @mcalisterleftwich enjoying this mimosa bar courtesy of @1618onlocation with rentals from @eventful_nc & half moon greenery from @hafsaandco! Alas we’re heading into the studio ready to tackle envelopes, building out the Fall run of our Calligraphy Practice Plan {you can still sign up through the end of this month!}, and prepping for beginner workshops that will be here before we know it. - One way we keep our weeks productive is by maintaining a detailed to-do list and checking things off one-by-one. Everything that has to get done goes on our Asana calendar {we just use the free version}, for a specific day, and we make sure to get through all the tasks each day or move them to a new day if possible/needed. - How do you stay organized in your life/biz? Do you write stuff down? Use a physical planner/calendar? Tell us below! Photo by @allyandbobby

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