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Mindy Weiss

The relationships I have with my clients often go way beyond wedding planning. One thing I tell them is that it’s important they connect on their financial future, and that’s where @northwesternmutual comes in. Getting on the same page about financial goals matters today and fifty years from now, long after the party decorations are gone. No matter the amount, my clients always have a wedding budget, but I find that they often don’t have a budget for their everyday lives. It’s easy to get started with @NorthwesternMutual – they have a great approach to help couples figure out their shared financial goals and how to actually achieve them together so they can #SpendLifelLiving. Couples talk about how much to spend on flowers, but not how much to save for retirement. They know how much they want to budget for their honeymoon, but not how much they can afford in a monthly mortgage. So as you think about planning your wedding and your new life together, remember how important it is to be #MoneyMates, not just soulmates — for lasting success. Ready to get on the same page? Head to my link in bio. #Ad

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