Mariage - Kat Williams

Kat Williams

I'm starting a petition for everyone to post whatever the FUCK they want on Instagram and not give a shit about likes, engagement and validation. Honestly fuck the algorithm! I don't know about you but I am SO BORED of seeing the same old photo set ups. The perfect flatlay with the marble table and latte art coffee, the cute 'Oh I'm laughing off camera and not really posing but actually this has taken 65 attempts and my husband now wants to divorce me', the shot of one corner of your room with all the clichés in the book in it (macrame hanging - check! Wicker swing chair - check! Fairy lights - check!) when in reality all your dirty socks, dishes and kids toys are shoved in an enormous pile just off-camera. I get it. I've taken these photos. I LIKE taking these photos and, like everyone, I feel much happier when a photo gets 3000 likes than when it gets 300... But something has to give. We're living in an alternate Instagram reality. This platform was started to share snippets of our every day lives and there's nothing everyday day about staged photo shoots and latte art. I still love instagram and I'm not saying I'm never going to post a cliché ever again but lets shake things up a bit! Let's share our real lives and let's share our experiences over our STUFF. Let's take photos with our loved ones rather than yet another fucking selfie. It's time to get creative again. Photo of the most magical pink sherbet subset ever taken on our recent press trip with @faarufushimaldives

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