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Stone Fox Bride

Eight years ago today my Sister Wife and I walked down the aisle and said "I do". Nick Cave songs were sung, cream-filled cakes were ingested, tears were shed. The words "forever and always" left my lips more than once. I loved the whole thing so much that afterwards, I started a cool wedding business! Now he is my Ex-Husband and we are weeks away from making our divorce official. See, at some point along the line, our marriage basically turned into a Lifetime Movie. Not the kind you flip past on a Tuesday night while looking for CNN, but the kind you watch on repeat, on a rainy Sunday, bawling and beating your fists to your bosom, wearing your most disgusting period-stained sweatpants with your finger in the peanut butter jar. But today our kids kids call Mommy and Daddy "special best friends". Because we sorted it out. We had to. Our daughters' safety and security was on the line. On a daily basis I will text my Sister Wife out of the blue: "I hope your penis falls off and ends up in a jar of formaldehyde in the Museum of Natural History" and then a few hours later: "are you taking the kids to school tomorrow or am I", and it's all okay. Listen, I will be a batshit raging insane wild beast of a lunatic wife any day — but I refuse, under any circumstances, to be like a batshit mother to my daughters — and because of this, the health of our family as a whole has always come first. Love is a battlefield. But it's the only thing we have. And I'll choose it over hate any day. In the words of Madonna Ciccone: "Be strong. Believe in freedom and in God. Love yourself. Understand your sexuality. Have a sense of humor. Masturbate. Don't judge people by their religion, color or sexual habits. Love life. Love your family." #stonefoxride #divorcestories #stonefoxmama

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